HIVAC and Ultra Oil Conditioning Plant - Sapthagiri Industries

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
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Skid Mounted oil conditioning plant
Semi Mobile - trolley mounted oil conditioning plant
Mobile - Truck mounted oil conditioning plant
Filtration to any desired micron rating is achieved by means of high effeciency non-hygroscope catridges. The filter medium is progressively denser in the direction of flow to ensure large dust holding capacity. The filter housing is designed for facile replacement of the cartridges.

Degassing System:
The degassing chamber is a fully welded contruction with no seals, eliminating seal failures or improper assembly. Optimally designed to ensure maximum spread of oil and exposure of oil to vaccum, together producting best end results of oil.

Heating of Oil:
Oil is heated to a conditining temperature by an electric oil heater. Heater elements are isolated from the oil in steel tubes that are welded inside the heater shell. The total heating capacity is sub-divided into a number of independent, thermostatically controlled heating stages. Suitable baffles in the heater vessel ensure that the oil posses over the entire length of oil heater tubes, thereby avoiding hotspots. A preset safetly thermostat is provided to prevent accidental overheating of the oil. A pressure relief valve is provided to take care of any accidental rise in pressure over desired levels.

Oil Inlet Pump:
A positive displacement pump suitably sealed at the glands for pressure and vaccum is provided. A built-in-relief-valve takes care of any excessive pressure rise.

Outlet Centrifugal Glandless Pump:
The conditioned oil from the degassing chamber is drawn out by a maintenance-free. Centrifugal glandless pump ensures total isolation of the conditioned oil from the atmosphere and is essential for maintaining the quality of the oil.

Vacuum Pumps:
Vacuum pumping system of adequate throughout capacity is provided for evacuating the degassing chamber and optionally the transformer. The pumping systems are capable of achieving an sustaining a high degree of vacuum to ensure high quality of oil and proper drying of the transformer.

Control Cabinet:
The plant is equipped with a sturdy and easily accessible electrical control cabinet. A mimic diagram is installed on the cabinet providing a continual display of the state of operation and warning of faults.
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