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An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
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High Vacuum Semi Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Plant
High Vacuum Transformer(semi mobile) Oil Filtration Plant. We are engaged in offering High Vacuum Semi Mobile Transformer Oil Filter Plant. These plants are widely known for their performance and efficiency.

The filtration plant will consist of the following:

      • Filter vessel with filter cartridges
      • Degassing chamber
      • Vacuum pump/s
      • Optical level monitor to control foam/oil level in degassing chamber
      • Outlet centrifugal glandless pump Preliminary magnetic strainer
      • Inlet feed gear pump
      • Thermostatically controlled electric heaters

Heaters/Heater vessel:

The heater tank will be of MS welded construction. The vessel is completely leak proof and is suitable for high vacuum and pressure application. The electric heaters provided have an adequate capacity to heat the oil from the ambient temperature to the required oil conditioning temperature upto 60 deg. C. The heater vessel is designed in such a way that a generously dimensioned heat transfer surface area is provided. This generous design affords a very low specific heat load of the order of < 2.0 Watts/sq. cm
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